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September 2013

22:01 Sunday 8 September 2013

Web P.0x00: Cake

You can't have your cake and eat it.

Fed up with messages about forced acceptance of cookie usage I've created a spoof for the Home page...

(and this journal entry).

As cookies are not in use on this site, the message is persistently displayed on page load, or in other words, it can't ever remain persistently hidden over page refreshes.

Additionally, for the user who does not yet trust my site enough to enable javascript, the 'X' ('close') button (which requires javascript to work) is hidden by default.

22:30 Monday 2 September 2013

Chillis! September Update!

Quite pleased with how the chillis are coming along now, but they seem to be taking there time ripening. Have eaten the odd one or two: A nice red Gusto Purple, an orange Cheyenne, A non-ripe but still very very tasty Aji Lemon, a couple of Pimientos De Padron.

Did I mention I really like the Aji Lemon? Can't wait for them to ripen! Yum yum.



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