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April 2016

22:28 Monday 11 April 2016

XC Racing

Here's a picture my other half took of me racing at the 2016 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle Spring Series round 3.

I finished 28th of 44 in the veteran category (ages 40 to 49). Tough competition.

18:23 Friday 8 April 2016


Found a little jump I can practice jumping on my moutain bike with, in a park near by.

Jumps have in the past tended to make me more nervous than drops due to the fact they launch the bike and rider into the air.

Being launched in the air when your saddle is in the optimum position for seated peddling on long rides is a bit risky as either it has a tendency to give the rider a shove up the arse while in the air which pushes the rider forward greatly increasing the risk of landing badly on the front wheel and falling off over the handlebars.

Or, when the rider lands, the saddle attempts to ram itself where the sun don't shine, or dislodge pipework, and just generally do unpleasant things causing lots of discomfort and possibly long term damage.

So they're the reasons why jumps make me nervous, and I consequently feel justified in showing these pictures of me jumping and neither of those things happening.

Video footage was also taken using my old Contour HD 1080p action cam, held by my beautiful assistant, Karly, but compared with the photographs, the video makes it look like I'm riding the most paltry jump imaginable (which truth be told, it is).

And here's an image of my bike in the cold and dark of Winter taking shelter along the seafront:



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