Loopy IP Colour ['poem']


"Loopy IP Colour ['poem']"

Computer generated ['poem'] - in colour
PHP Code + CSS
March 2006

This is a computer generated poem (in the loosest possible sense) based upon choices made using the result of dividing the IP address of the remote host accessing the page, by three, five, seven, and nine. A different pre-determined pair of words is chosen for each alpha numeric character in the results. Each pair of words is not only chosen, but coloured using this basis, and finally created as a link to a different poem. The loopiness is that the number of times the user follows links and views a new poem, the number of times increases that the IP address is divided. The patterns in the poems are indicative of dividing any number by an odd number.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris as expressed here in the past may or may not accurately reflect the opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris at present, moreover, they may never have.


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