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"louisa_skit/Skit for Louisa"

Another track featuring lots of drums... and a bunch of drunken girls.
MP3 Audio @ 05:24 mm:ss, 4.1mb download.
Monday 4th August 2008 (uploaded)

Skit For Louisa

I don't know anybody called Louisa and if I ever have I did not know her
well enough to remember that I knew a woman called Louisa.


Louisa was just some unknown person being talked about by a bunch of
drunk girls as they strolled home along the street after closing time.
They were unwittingly recorded from the window of a third floor flat
located between Whitstable high street and the sea front.

"I love Louisa, and I - f*@k! I have to kill her..."

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# Boomin Moomin on 01:39 Friday 22 May 2009:

I damn near blew my speakerz listening to dat doozie. Nice stuff
security number idea sucks dick btw

# James W. Morris on 19:06 Friday 22 May 2009:

Boomin Moomin,

Thankyou for showing your appreciation, it was good to hear :-)

BTW, I know you made the comment because my website emailed me about it. With that in mind, what sucks dick is when I had to delete 4000 emails telling me a spammer had spammed my comments form. The security number also prevents lazy-assed dicks from making stupid and/or rude comments too. Bonus! And it's really not difficult, come on!

# Angel on 18:51 Tuesday 3 December 2013:

tesing captcha

# James Morris on 20:28 Tuesday 24 February 2015:

Testing timestamped comments didn't break add comment code...

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