mdz - Mandelbrot Deep Zoom



"mdz - Mandelbrot Deep Zoom"

A GTK2 based Mandelbrot image generator for GNU/Linux with multi-threaded deep precision zooming. (*new* 2010)

mdz is a GTK2 based Mandelbrot fractal image generator written in C for GNU/Linux systems. mdz uses the MPFR library for rendering very deep multi-precision images of the Mandelbrot set. The use of the MPFR library is necessary because the precision of the floating point hardware in modern computers is limited which prevents really deep zooms into the Mandelbrot set. Mdz is my first adventure into the world of multi-threaded programming. Mdz uses the POSIX threads library for this.

mdz is written by James W. Morris.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris as expressed here in the past may or may not accurately reflect the opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris at present, moreover, they may never have.


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