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Audio/Video collaboration around a story by Carlos Castaneda
Video running time: 02:52 (mm:ss)
Video version: Spanish
Video (Spanish) and English text on

Nagual is a collaboration between the Spanish artist Blanca Perse aka b xperimŽnts aka sonorawith and my good self.

It begun after talking on the mailing list, and then off-list about Carlos Castaneda (amongst other things). Blanca said she had been scared by something that Castaneda had written, and with me being such a sensitive soul, I decided to suggest she should record herself reading the story so that I could use it to make some music/audio around.

And so Blanca supprised me with her enthusiasm and took it a stage further and suggested we make a video.

After a few days I had the Spanish reading of the story (reportedly "The Eagles Gift" but I cannot find the story there) and so embarked on building some brooding dark sounds around it.

Blanca liked what I produced and came up with ideas for the video. I decided it would be nice to have an English version also, and so a few days later had another reading by Blanca but this time in English.

After hearing both versions of what I had produced, Blanca requested something more to be done with her voice - with it moving in and around, up and down in the mix. High-pass and low-pass filters combined with stereo effects were to me the perfect candidates.

The video took a lot longer to arrive. With it not being possible for me to work with video, I had to leave it entirely up to Blanca. I'm not sure what it was, but her numerous ideas never materialized until the end of August, a couple of months later. Contributing factors may have been a lack of experience with digital video work and a lack of equipment.

Initially I was a little disappointed, but this was due to my expectations. Many different ideas had been discussed and so what appeared was rather unexpected. I had expected a more literal visual narrative, and for more different things to be happening.

Some time later I watched again the video but this time without expectation. I saw that there was synchroniastion between the visual aspects and the audio, that what I had produced was also much the same throughout the piece, and that the visual story, the tentative footsteps, the act of balancing, was infact a good metaphor for the ideas within the story.

Incidently, gna-gna is also linked to this piece.

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