My fork of the Specimen Sampler.

There are a number of existing open source samplers for Linux systems, but Specimen was always the one I found to be the most usable and stable for creating sample patches from scratch. Unfortunately Specimen lacked a few features I desired and so I took the source code and modified it to do what I wanted to do and called the result Petri-Foo.

It doesn't exactly work like that. I called it Petri-Foo as soon as I recognized it was going to be possible for me to work on the code. The new functionality appeared incrementally over the period from 4th February 2011 to 4th September 2011.

My free time during that time was focused exclusively to Petri-Foo resulting in the neglect of other projects. I felt I couln't devote my time to one project and so took a break from it in order to update my website which toward the end of 2010 I had removed almost all the content from.


Petri-Foo is a fork of the Specimen Sampler project. Specimen was 
originally developed by Pete Bessman. See the AUTHORS file for
the list of other authors who've made contributions.

Petri-Foo is forked and developed by James Morris (Feb 2011 +),
with recent code contributions by Brendan Jones (July 2011 +).

Differences, additions and improvements over Specimen

  * Default patch with saw-wave sample.
  * Raw/Headerless sample file loading.
  * JACK session support.
  * Auto-Preview samples within the file selector.
  * User-interface updated to contemporary GTK2 standards.
  * Improved waveform rendering.
  * Improved visual indication of play and loop selections.
  * Play and loop point navigation.
  * Improved waveform zooming, and addition of mouse-wheel zooming.
  * Fading and X-Fading of sample.
  * Improved MIDI CC handling.
  * User-configurable modulation routing of ADSR, LFO, and MIDI CC.
  * Keyboard tracking, and inverted keyboard tracking.
  * Overall ADSR time scalable by keyboard tracking.
  * Per-patch velocity range.
  * Invertible velocity sensing.
  * Amplitude modulation of LFO output.
  * Removal of deprecated code, and customized PHAT library
    for an improved life-span.
  * Last-used directory recall.
  * Shift/Control + Left-Mouse-Click for increased slider precision.
  * JACK Audio output only, ALSA audio output removed[2].
  * Removed LASH support.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris as expressed here in the past may or may not accurately reflect the opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris at present, moreover, they may never have.


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