Phantasmic Pong

New sand work: Phantasmic Pong link)

On 10/4/2007, "Andrej Tisma" <aart at EUnet.yu> wrote:

>> No don't bother - it sucks.
>Hey, watch your language pal.


>>> link)

//  phantasmic_pong3c.wc
//      Uses Andrej Tisama's Fantastic_Song.mp3
//                      (converted to 44100 hrtz WAV)
// fantastic

(message snipped. see: phantasmic_pong3c.wc below for remainder.)

Download:  phantasmic_pong3c.wc


"Phantasmic Pong"

A remix of Andre Tisma's Fantastic_Song
MPEG 1.0 layer III, 128 kbit/s, 32000 Hz joint-stereo
6:52, 5.2mb
10th April 2007

A remix of Andre Tisma's Fantastic_Song.mp3 sharing only a vague similarity. It uses wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet to do the damage by fragmenting and scattering the original track into four seperate audio files. These were mixed together with effects, and equalisation using Ardour. Regarding the email above: sometimes I can be an asshole... I'm still learning...

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