Slow Beet Root

5th December 2008 james


made in ardour2.7 w/o RT scheduling priority in debian lenny with RT patched linux kernel. original dry drum loop and synth
sounds made in 64studio using hydrogen and zynaddsubfx respectively.
guinea pig recorded with zoom h4 handy recorder.

originally too much verging on the sinister to be healthy, i did some
stuff to it and it was less so. then i did some more stuff and now its
less unfriendly too.

it is fairly straightforward and self explanatory, the ground beneath it
has not been broken. link)

Regards, link)

this music is made not to be listened to within the
sphere of peer pressure. this music is not made
tar -xf alsa-driver-1.0.18a.tar.bz2 with any great
idea about why i am making it unfortunately this
music is made because i like the noise of it. this
music is made to hang your scons LV2=1 stuff on.
jus lik everythin els i'v mad. this music is really
to hang MY stuff on. it's like a coat hanger in a
wardrobe, it's bboth. this musics made for hanging
your imagined pier pressures. a device for an escape,
an howto of how to run from the so-called 'real world'
and hide and get caught *** error 1

hang your negative expectations on this and see how they
might not work out, #--ffast-math. with the nth in sight.
was reading a book ./configure --with-pic, and this track
and the original were in a session named with reference
to them. the nth_insight was the session name, and no, no
claims are made about this.

sudo make install

this music covers hard dry bumpy and lumpy ground, you
can tell by the noise of it. you can tell by the rugged
but broken sound, you must not listen to it in a group

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib64/pkgconfig/

you must not listen to it while believing you know what
music *should* sound like. you have to consider that music
can sound like this and there's nothing wrong with that.
you have to consider this music is not about the same kind
of things that the music from @audio memlock unlimited
which it draws it's influences is. this is music made by
a person who is not in any circle, is not into any scene,
and so you cannot judge by what you associate with these
sounds and rhythms patch -p1 < ../patch-

try to forget about christmas, these things can help you.

Hi, link)

[exec] (Qjackctl) {qjackctl} <>


"Slow Beet Root"

Beats and guinea pigs!
You want your sausage flat?
slowbeetroot: MP3 Audio @ 04:49 mm:ss, 4.5mb download.
slowbeetroot-framermix: MP3 Audio @ 04:51 mm:ss, 4.5mb download.
December 2008

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