The Bakery

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Ambient Sound

--- what to expect ---

More exploration/play with spectragrams, ambience, fx, noise, and
feedback. A recording made on mobile phone while waiting in the bakery for
BLT sarnies to be made, is used as a base. The audio of the recording is
routed into 3 FX buses: gates open/shut, springs compress/expand, pitch
shifted, reverbed, limited, and a small portion is fed-back.

It's probably a bit too long (as usual) at five and a half minutes, and
seeing as I wanted to retain the patterns in the spectrogram,  it is
encoded with higher quality and consequently file-size is a little larger
than usual at seven megabytes.


"The Bakery"

Ambient Sound/FX + Recording
MPEG-1 layer III, VBR, 44100 Hz joint-stereo
5:36, 7.0mb
12th June 2007

When I said the audio is routed into three FX buses, I excluded two of the five buses I actually used. The concept worked with three, and then all the output was mixed into two more or something before going to the master bus.

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