wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet

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"wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet"

A not-real-time modular audio system for GNU/Linux.

Wav Composer Not Toilet is a not real time modular audio synthesis/sequencer/sampler application for GNU/Linux systems. It outputs audio into 8/16/24/32bit PCM or floating point format .WAV audio files.

wcnt is commandline based and reads plain text files, within which definitions of modules and data objects are placed.

Modules are where the synthesis/sampling/sequencing happens and operate on a sample by sample basis. Transmission of events between modules only occurrs at the time of the event. Occurrences of events are transparent, the data stream is continuous.

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wcnt screenshot

One of the functions of data objects therefor is to provide time-based data organised in a more complex manner, such as sequences of notes and envelope shapes. Modules, as stated already, cannot transmit knowledge of future events obtained from the data object to other modules.

There are also data objects to allow manipulation of modules. Modules can be grouped together, and the group is duplicable. The connections and parameters of the modules within the duplicated group can then be altered without complete redefinition of each module. Definitions within other files can also be included and edited.

wcnt is written in C++ for GNU/Linux by James W. Morris.

The screenshot shows wcnt compiled to display debugging information about it's internal data usually not shown.

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