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Frequently Answered Questions

Web 1.2 and a half is a website...

* created by an amateur (non-professional) computer geek / artist / digital musician / creative person / etc / etc / etc.

* without a content management system, but seriously needing one.

* coded in a scripting language (ie PHP) without using (as a professional programmer would) any external libraries to assist with the mundane aspects of it's workings.

* that does not make any money.

* running on Free Open Source Software.

* slightly rough at the edges but with stars in it's eyes.

* requiring SSH login access for it's maintenance (due to a lack of CMS).

* which in economic terms is loosing money, dead, pointles, worthless.

* that emulates some of the things Web 2.0 websites wrongly claim as their own, but in a rather more simplified and ham-fisted way.

* with a certain lack of mass appeal.

* hand coded without the use of visual page editors and without the use of design templates - plain text is it's lifeblood.

* free from the clutter of advertisements.

* true to the allegience of its owner to operating in terms outside of the mass-media.

* which cares about dial-up internet users.

* which despite praising Open Source Software, does not make it's source code open for fear of security risks - and nobody would be interested anyway (this is a fair assumption to make).

* unashamed to reinvent the wheel.

* mostly ignoring the most popular trends.

* proud to be behind the times, maybe.

* that accepts it's limits are entirely at the mercy of the technical ability of it's author and the author's stubborness to use other peoples design / templates / libraries.

* written by an author who never quite understands what she or he is saying and frequently changes his or her mind, ie an author who is fickle.

* whose author seeks freedom within creativity.

* called Home.

Web 1.2 and a Half seeks to trumpet the work of the amateur, while seeking to destroy the stigma of amateurism.

The author of a Web 1.2 and a Half website, is a reasonably accomplished computer geek. He or she will know fairly well atleast two programming languages and will steadfastly stick with "Free as in Freedom" Open Source software.

The author's interest in computers is sufficient to stand alongside the interests which the Web 1.2 and a Half website was originally intended to show. The author is very unlikely to be professional in (ie making a living from) any of the areas of her or his interests.

Web 1.2 and a Half is for people who value their independance over common sense. For people who value building something up through their own endeavours and avoiding ready made third party sollutions, and to seek as far as possible to do this without compromise*.


"Web 1.2 and a Half"

Web 1.2 and a half is not Web 2.0
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2nd October 2007

A list of Frequently Answered Questions about Web 1.2 and a Half.

*note: Personally speaking, I want to work within my own limits and to push those limits further out, slowly. This is a tricky topic to explain. How far do you take the idea of the ready made sollution, all the way to the circuit board? There will always be an element of the 'black box'. I have to learn which sollutions are acceptable to me and which are not. The reasons can be very fickle.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris as expressed here in the past may or may not accurately reflect the opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris at present, moreover, they may never have.


# james jwm-art net on 22:37 Tuesday 2 October 2007:

This is a Web 1.2 and a Half comment test...

# aka sonorawith on 23:17 Tuesday 2 October 2007:


now... try to delete me: i'm being rude and mad and i write XXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXX




kissing you,


# james jwm-art net on 00:36 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

Hmmm, just realised how much I've not thought this comment thing through...


# David U on 20:15 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

Good luck with the comment forum.
Try CodeIgniter to help with PHP scripting, or the free version of Expression Engine to help with content management. (Both are googlable)

# DavidU on 20:23 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

<img src='doesntexist.jpg'; onError=alert("whoops");>

# David U on 20:27 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

well at least your code handles a simple scripting attack (see previous comment) ... worrying, though, isn't it...?

# james jwm-art net on 21:08 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

Uhhh, I thought I'd disabled the comments!?!? WTF?

# james jwm-art net on 21:10 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

Just how many ways can I cock this up?

# james jwm-art net on 21:39 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

CodeIgnitor sounds like what I need - maybe. Lean & simple & does the job. I took a quick look at the reference manual, but it all looks a bit strange to me.

What's the idea of not using include or include_once?

I've written a lot of code to get this far, unwilling to scrap it. But cheers for the suggestions.

# jiasdkl on 22:17 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

lkjasldkajdlkasdj lkdasj lkdj lakdjlkjas lkjds laksjlaskjalsdkjald is this automatic? can i get the code?

# superman on 22:19 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

I was wondering, can i say [censored] here? Thank you.

# superman on 22:20 Wednesday 3 October 2007:

I guess i can, Thank you

# james jwm-art net on 06:48 Thursday 4 October 2007:

i told you it was simple.

# james jwm-art net on 23:45 Friday 5 October 2007:


At that point you could have used the same style of attack in the Website field...

But no more.

# james morris on 22:49 Monday 6 May 2013:

testing the website part of the comment, what will it accept?

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